studied dance and performance with focus on instant composing in Freiburg. She is presently working with different artists and groups whilst continuing to develop the interdisciplinary work of her own company. She has worked with Tino Sehgal (Documenta 13), Angelika Achter (CH), Zina Vaessen (CH), Lilo Stahl (D) and others. Her teaching ranges from stage/performance improvisation, contemporary technique and contact improvisation to international folklore and body awareness.

A process-driven thinking is important in her work as an artist and teacher. Here she finds the possibility for an authentic handling with movement and a personal honest expression of the body. In her operations she focus' on consequence, intelligence and impulses – in strong collaboration with her students and collegues. She supports an individual access to the body which includes the complete human. Intuition, inner force and the alignment of the own investigation of energy are the basic terms for a healthy and sustained work with the human physics.

As a dancer and teacher, music has provided a home throughout my life. Before pursuing dance as a profession, I studied sociology in Geneva, music and pedagogics at the Musikhochschule in Trossingen and at the Kungliga Musik Högskolan in Stockholm. I went on to complete the TIP program (Schule für Tanz, Improvisation and Performance) in 2013 after which I began an intensive collaboration with Louisa Jacobs and company OFFSPACE. The company has produced two of my stage works, Memory Fiction and Buchkörper. As an active participant in the Axis Syllabus dance community since 2014, my teaching is continually refined by an ongoing collaborative research into human anatomy, movement mechanics, and injury prevention. The choreographers Susanne Jaresand, Maya Carroll and Lucia Palladino have also had a notable influence on my artistic practice.
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Freiburg/D Basel/ CH